Copyright © 2002-2003 by Jordan Russell. All rights reserved.

Download version 0.55 (date 2002-01-19, approx. 293 KB, full Delphi 5 source code included)
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InnoCVS is my attempt at making a relatively user-friendly CVS front-end. It is currently in the early stages of development; various CVS features and options are not available yet.

InnoCVS is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Project Status:

Not being actively developed. I'm only making changes when I have a personal need.

Getting Started

  1. Download InnoCVS.

  2. Download cvs.exe version 1.11.2* if you haven't already done so; place it in your InnoCVS directory, or somewhere in your system's PATH.

    (* This is a binary I compiled myself with Visual C++ 6. The binary at is broken; it gives a bogus error message when committing to local repositories.)

  3. Start InnoCVS by running ICVS.exe.

  4. Select CVS | Log In to PServer. For connecting to my server, the settings are:

    Server Type:pserver
    User Name:jrsoftware
    Password:(leave blank)

    Once the settings have been entered, click OK. If it worked, you should see "Success" in the log at the bottom of the window.
    (Note: Logging in is a one-time-only step.)

  5. Once logged in, you're ready to check out (download) the desired module - tb2k, issrc, or innocvs. Navigate to a directory in which you want to check out the module, then select CVS | Check Out Module. Verify that the server settings are correct, then type in the desired module name and click OK.

  6. You should then see a new folder with the name of the module you checked out. Double-click the folder. There should see all the files.

  7. Whenever you want to update the files to the latest versions, go to the folder and do CVS | Update. (No special settings are necessary on the Update dialog.)

It's that easy :)


For best results, I recommend that you use the version of cvs.exe linked above. You may have problems if you use a different version. Specifically, InnoCVS might show files as being locally modified when they really are not. This is due to differences in the way certain Win32 ports of cvs.exe store times in the CVS\Entries files.

Non-obvious Features

To-Do List

Some things that need to be done in the future...